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Welcome to Sunny Cleaners!


We offer quick, reliable, and a quality service with

a smile for a great price.

We are located at two convenient locations in

Perrysburg & Bowling Green, Ohio. 


We are committed to the environtment:

  • No use of harmful toxic chemicals

  • Safe for you and your family

  • Safe for the environment

  • Garments look cleaner, last longer, feel softer, and smell fresher

Healthy Drycleaning System

Our new Eco-Friendly system is a much safer, healthier, and cleaner alternative to the old-fashioned traditional drycleaning method. Our organic solvent has been used in cosmetics and as food additives for many years safely before being adopted as a drycleaning solvent.


Our state-of-the-art drycleaning system, along with our new solvent, can remove the soils and impurities that are deeply buried in your garments. 

As a result, your garment will be much whiter, brighter, softer, and cleaner. Better yet, it helps to restore your garments' original color, shape, and feel.


So enjoy your brighter, fresher, and healthier garments with our new Eco-Friendly Drycleaning! 

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